Dienstag, 3. Juni 2008

YES! We are open !

Ladies and gentleman,

after 2 month of heavy development and the private beta phase we are proud to announce the 'goin public' of our brand new bikelogger application. On this blog we would like to provide background information, make feature announcements and discuss the technology behind the curtains.

So what is bikelogger ?

First of all, bikelogger is the home for all your GPS data...

The basic idea of bikelogger is to constantly upload the tracklog of your GPS system, so that friends and other bikers can watch your tracks, download interesting routes and find bike partners in your area.
The application can be used as a tool to manage and visualize your tracks as well as a community tool to make contacts with other bikeloggers.

These basic features are currently implemented and they work fine in our private beta phase. But we have some more interesting ideas for future releases ... so stay tuned.

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